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    8-11 November 2017

    Cairo, Egypt
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    5 - 7 December 2017

    Lyon - France
    Stand 5F26

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Siliceous, feldspathic & micaceous sands, mica and quartz for aesthetic or deactivated concrete, gabions and landscaping markets
Imerys Ceramics finalist for the Operational Excellence award
Imerys Ceramics

Part of the Imerys group, Imerys Ceramics designs, produces and markets high-performance mineral solutions for the ceramic industries, such as tableware, sanitaryware, floor tiles, fiberglass or technical ceramics. These mineral solutions include a large range of minerals such as kaolin, ball clays or feldspars but also ready to use ceramic bodies including steatite or cordierite, aimnd high purity quartz for solar applications or electronics. 

Imerys Ceramics’ unique product range is based on:

high-quality reserves of minerals in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas
strong processing skills and application know-how, supported by a network of competitive industrial facilities
innovation and technical support based on a global network of R&D centres and regional laboratories
key brands with worldwide recognition in the industry for their product quality and production processes

Imerys Ceramics also offers a full range of cordierite, mullite and silicon carbide based kiln furniture under its Kiln Furniture activity in the same range of industries:

individual firing supports for kiln furniture: shaped parts designed to support the end product during firing
multi parts construction components for industrial kilns: refractory protections for kiln car walls and structures for the ceramic production

• World #1 in ceramic bodies and minerals for sanitaryware
• World #2 in kaolins for fiberglass
• World #2 in talc for catalyst support / diesel particulate filter applications
• European #1 in kaolins for tableware
• European #1
in minerals and ceramic bodies for porcelain
• European #1 in quartz for electrometallurgy
• European #2 in minerals for floor tiles
• World leader in designing and manufacturing H and U-type firing supports
• Leader in designing and supplying industries with novel kiln furniture solutions
• Leader in developing technical ceramic solutions in a wide range of industries

Click here to access Imerys Kiln furniture website

Imerys Decorative Minerals, a brand of Imerys Ceramics, extracts and markets siliceous, feldspathic & micaceous sands, mica and quartz from our European sites for aesthetic or deactivated concrete, gabions and landscaping markets.

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