• Jenniffer

    Jenniffer P.

    Environment Health & Safety ManagerSouthern, Central Europe and UK

    I joined Imerys Ceramics as Technical Service Manager at Monterrey (Mexico) site dedicated to the production of full prepared body, being promoted the next year as Plant Manager. In 2010, I was given the opportunity to assume the role of Plant Manager for the kaolin Operations in Sandersville, GA, being responsible for the overall mining, EHS, Production and Quality. I was promoted to Operation Manager for Imerys Mexico sites, being responsible for all operation aspects, as well as the commercial side.
    With the goal to keep exploring new challenges in my career, earlier this year I moved to Europe assuming the role of EHS Manager having as perimeter 9 sites in 7 different countries including UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Ukraine.
    It has been a 13-year journey full of challenges, changes and satisfaction professionally and personally always having the total support of the Ceramics team. With certainty Ceramics is a very dynamic division, constantly evolving, driving improvement and growth. If I have to define the advantage of Ceramics : you find carrier development opportunities, management team leadership and the team spirit.

  • Ryan

    Ryan H.

    Operational Excellence EngineerEurope

    What brought me to join Imerys in the first place is the company's global footprint, it's leading position on multiple markets and the appealing challenges associated with the recently launched Operational Excellence program, I Cube. It has now been 2 years that I have worked for Imerys Ceramics and I have realized that the company's human-sized structure is prone to foster people's engagement and empowerment. This is something which I find truly valuable in today's world.

  • Orianne

    Orianne L.

    Business AnalystNorth America

    After two years in the pharmaceutical sector, I wanted to move into a more industrial oriented sector. I joined Imerys Ceramics in the scope of an internship, in Finance. The company gave me the opportunity to join the Finance team with Imerys Ceramics Division. For one year, I had the chance to work on overhead and set up a new reporting system. I was also able to participate in the budget process and monthly closings.
    At the end of this rotation, I wanted to deepen my experience abroad. Imerys Ceramics offered me the possibility to make a VIE in the US, in our North American operations, where I am currently. Imerys Ceramics opened doors and offered me challenges while accompanying me at every stage of my career. As a young graduate, these experiences were exciting opportunities that enable me to quickly evolve professionally.

  • Rudy

    Rudy W.

    Plant ManagerLangley - SC, USA

    At Imerys Ceramics, I found an engaged, visible leadership team with a sound strategic vision. Ceramics displays a genuine commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, profitability, growth and corporate social responsibility. We have the advantage of working for a large corporation yet we operate in a decentralized manner. As a Plant Manager, I am accountable for the overall efficiency and profitability of the plant, but am afforded ample authority and latitude to run the operation and deliver results.

  • Kaies

    Kaies S.

    Engineering ManagerNorth America

    I have been in the group for 12 years. It has been an exciting challenge all along the road. The division is always in a continuous evolution and thus offering so many learning and development opportunities either on the technological cultural or personal side. Imerys Ceramics has a kind of pulse that gets you pushed into a family culture where team work prevails and everybody, title put aside! I had the opportunities to evolve inside the division, to get appropriate training and to always count on a caring and understanding team around me.