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Mineral solutions
Mineral Solutions for Electrical Porcelain Insulators
Mineral Solutions for Sanitaryware
Mineral Solutions for Tableware
Mineral Solutions for Technical Ceramics
Mineral Solutions for wall and floor Tiles
Kiln furniture
Kiln furniture for Roof Tiles
Kiln furniture for Sanitaryware
Kiln furniture for Tableware
Kiln furniture for Technical Ceramics
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Tech Support & Lab measurement for Ceramic Manufacturers
Technical documentation
Technical data sanitaryware
Mineral solutions for Tableware
Wall and floor tiles
Technical data wall and floor Tiles
Technical ceramics
Technical data Technical Ceramics
Electrical Porcelain
Technical data Electrical Porcelain
Technical articles
Reducing the cost of glazes & engobes by clay selection - Asian Ceramics - November 2018
Imerys: a multi-dimensional solution - Asian Ceramics - October 2018
The best talcs for porcelain stoneware production - CWR - September 2018
Importance of energy dispersion on sanitaryware suspensions - Asian Ceramics - July 2018
StrongSan, make your sanitaryware body stronger - CFI - April 2018
Combining Kaolins and Ball clays to enhance your SW production - Asian Ceramics Oct 2017
Raw materials for additive manufacturing of SW and TW - CWR July 2017
Imerys on raw material expansion - Asian Ceramics July 2017
New Kaolins and Ball Clays to increase SW body performances - CFI May 2017
The influence of kaolin in digital ceramic decoration - CWR March 2017
Plastic Ball Clays Smaltobbio - Asian Ceramics Sept 2016
Workability, a key parameter for Electrical Porcelain - CWR 2016
Glaze formula cost effective flux system - CFI 2016
Fire more for less - CFI 2016
Stacking it up - Asian Ceramics - June 2015
Influence of Kaolin in inkjet printing on glazing_final - CWR - 2015
Make your tableware pieces more complex
Press articles
Imerys Ceramics boosts its presence in Egypt - ICS Magazine Issue 18 - Imerys Ceramics
A Imerys Ceramics na Ceramitec 2015 - Cerâmica Informação - May June 2015
Imerys Ceramics duas novidades para o mercado da regio - Forn&Cer - June 2015
Les graviers décoratifs : des matériaux locaux pour sublimer les espaces extérieurs - Profession paysagiste - October 2017
Paillage minéral, une solution créative et durable - Profession Paysagiste - March 2018