Low flowability

Depending on the application device (bell, double disc, airless spraygun), rheology of the glaze must be adjusted. In some cases the glaze does not flow enough and application on the tiles will not be correct or the pumps will not work properly.

This is due to high viscosity and/or to a high yield value. One solution is to adjust the water and/or additives content. But to keep the same slip density, switching to a more fluid kaolin or clay can be the solution.

Glaze kaolin

Engobe ball clays

Glaze sedimentation

The glaze is composed mostly of frit and kaolin. But during preparation and storage the glaze can sediment more or less quickly depending on the kaolin used. Also the settled cake at the bottom of the tank will be more or less difficult to stir back to suspension. By using the appropriate kaolin the above issues can be solved.

High suspension kaolins

Residue on sieve

During engobe preparation and depending on the milling stage and mesh size used on the sieve, residue can be found on the sieves. If the quantity of residue is too high, a low residue ball clay will help to reduce it.

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