Addressable attendees

  • Technical people from all process stages (lab, slip and glaze production)


This session will be customized to the requirements of your team.

In this module, we will study the specificities of ceramics, as for instance :

  • Ceramic concept to better evaluate, anticipate and control the processes : plasticity, mechanical strength, rupture, tenacity ; particle size distribution and specific surface, trials and interpretation
  • Fluidity / moisture,  plasticity, permeability : trends and controls,
  • Sintering (solid and liquid phase), pyroplasticity,
  • Effect of the raw materials on ceramics
  • Milling, blunging, spray drying and how to control
  • Rheology of slip and glaze, mechanisms, control, tendencies, effects


½ day minimum, depending on the content. Could be combined with lab practice and/or kiln furniture, and/or ceramic processes, and/or materials characterisation.


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