World leader in designing and manufacturing H and U-type firing supports.

Ceramic supports for roof tiles have played a key role in the industrialization of the manufacturing process and Imerys Kiln Furniture has been a pioneer in their development.

Kiln furniture for roofing tiles products are made of Cordierite-Mullite. 
Several compositions have been developed to ensure the best resistance for your operating conditions.

Made-to-order engobes 

Engobes are a mixture of minerals applied to a roof tile before glazing for decoration and to make the tile more durable to weathering. 

Imerys Ceramics offers a wide variety of colors with either matt or brilliant finishes enabling consumers to make an original feature of their roof tiles for example for new buildings, or even to imitate the patterns on old weathered roof tiles which usually take years to develop.

Imerys has over 100 references for engobes, and each one has been designed for a specific customer.

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Kiln furniture

Kiln Furnitures properties include:

  • High degree of automation of the roof tiles handling;
  • Very good dimensional (size, flatness) reproducibility of the roof tiles, thanks to a very high precision and stability in the dimensions of our supports;
  • Very long lifetime of our supports (up to 3 000 cycles depending on operating conditions), thanks to a strong resistance to the mechanical and thermal constraints;

Our worldwide technical support team is at your service and is dedicated to help you reach your Challenges.

Roof tiles engobes

Roof Tiles Engobes properties include:

  • Color stability through every production batch;
  • Precise control of the aspect, viscosity of liquid products;
  • Very high grade engobe with a long lifetime that ensures against cracks and spots.

Our worldwide technical support team is at your service and is dedicated to help you reach your Challenges.

Production sites

Roof tiles engobes are produced in France and kiln furniture in Hungary & Spain.
Imerys Ceramics is able to provide our customers anywhere in the world.

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