Imerys Ceramics capitalizes on our mineral and technical expertise in the exploitation of quartz for certain non-ceramic markets such as the production of ferroalloys, ferro-silicon and the construction industry. 

Key properties Production sites
Key properties

Imerys supplies the leading European silicon smelters with high purity products from these quartz production units. The specific chemical characteristic of this quartz ore are high silica content (>99.8%) with low iron and titanium content. The quality and the consistency are ensured by our manual and optical sorting processes. The raw material is transported to the plant for further screening and purification. This enables the production of high quality silicon under good safety and operational conditions.

The quartz produced also has a distinctive round shape. 

Therefore we are able to offer pure silica for technical applications, pebbles for decorative use and granulates for construction and public works.

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Production sites

Imerys Ceramics has two quartz operation sites in France, at Lot and Dordogne, in the South West of the country.

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