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Your challenge, our expertise
November 13, 2017

World leader in mineral solutions & kiln furniture for ceramic manufacturers

Part of the Imerys group, Imerys Ceramics designs, produces and markets high-performance mineral solutions for the ceramic industries. These mineral solutions include a large range of minerals and also ready to use ceramic bodies including steatite or cordierite. 



Imerys Ceramics’ unique product range is based on: 

  • high-quality reserves of minerals in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas 
  • strong processing skills and application know-how, supported by a network of competitive industrial facilities 
  • innovation and technical support based on a global network of R&D centres and regional laboratories 
  • key brands with worldwide recognition in the industry for their product quality and production processes 

Imerys Ceramics also offers a full range of cordierite, mullite and silicon carbide based kiln furniture.

  • individual firing supports for kiln furniture: shaped parts designed to support the end product during firing 
  • multi parts construction components for industrial kilns: refractory protections for kiln car walls and structures for the ceramic production

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Imerys Ceramics engages in the preservation of bees
November 8, 2017

We are pleased to share with you the "Cerabees" initiative programme which aims at preserving bees in our environment. 






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