Imerys Ceramics, your partner in innovation

The success of Imerys Ceramics stems from our technical expertise and innovation capacity.

We use these as our main tools to transform unprocessed raw materials into value-added products and solutions, with the ultimate aim of passing on an extra competitive edge to our customers.

EZ Print 3D Research and Development Towards Industry 4.0
EZ Print 3D
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Imerys Ceramics launches EZ Print 3D™, a range of ready to use ceramic feedstocks for 3D printing by Paste Deposition Modeling. Available in “plug & play” cartridge and bucket.

We have developed a brand new range of ready-to-use ceramic feedstocks for additive manufacturing, alternatively named 3D printing.

This tailored plastic ceramic feedstocks for Paste Deposition Modeling (PDM) technology is applicable for potterycraft, hobbycraft, tableware rapid prototyping and is ideal for designers, design departments and Fablabs. EZ Print3D™ is workable on a large range of 3D printers.


EZ Print 3D™ is a turnkey solution that allows you to gain time and workstation cleanliness through direct plugging of our solutions into your printers.


  • Highly stable 3D printing process
    Imerys Ceramics industrial process control ensures stable & repeatable performance.
  • Ready-to-use & ready-to-print
    EZ Print 3DTM is supplied at the right rheology for your printers.
  • Air bubbles-free paste
    Our unique process brings you serenity by mitigating air bubbles.
  • Optimized setting time & drying
    EZ Print 3DTM gives you maximum freedom of design: tall ceramic pieces, thin to thick ceramic walls.
  • High green strength
    Our exclusive formulation and good strand adhesion will feed your imagination!
  • Fired porcelain whiteness
    A unique water absorption below 0.5% for 3D printing market.
  • Low pyroplasticity
    Specially formulated to have low firing deformation and hence maintain the shape of your article.






Research and Development

Our Research & Development approach is also based on mutually-beneficial customer partnerships, which combined with our unique knowledge of mineral technology, enables us to provide improved formulations and genuine product consistency for our customers in our key markets: sanitaryware, tableware, tiles, electrical porcelain and advanced ceramics.

Thanks to our mineral expertise and assets, we are also able to offer a range of mineral products and a mineral processing service to certain non-ceramic markets. 

Here are some key figures which illustrate our capabilities to develop innovation based partnerships with our customers:

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Find Imerys Ceramics nearest Research & Development facilities in the interactive map!

Towards Industry 4.0

Let’s continue to build the future together

Imerys Ceramics’ innovation spirit is developing constantly in order to reach our customers’ needs. 

This is why we aim to grow by integrating new way of extracting our quarries, processing our plants, working in our facilities toward industry 4.0:

  • Drones for mapping our quarries in 3D, enabling safety issues (access ramp, road slopes) to
    be monitored, estimation of the reserves, and development of quarry projects;
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  • Virtual reality and augmented reality making it possible to produce maintenance ranges or safety audits, with tracking, photos, and immediate feedback on the situations observed;
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  • 3D printing for prototyping of new pieces and designing moulds for new kiln furniture. 
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