Optimized mineral solutions for reinforcement fiberglass manufacturers.

Imerys Ceramics produces air-floated and water-washed kaolins specifically developed for the reinforcement fiberglass market. Our products have high levels of alumina and low levels of iron and alkali. Such properties help ensure the finished fiberglass product's resistance to chemical and physical attacks.

We provide our customers with consistent high-performing raw materials which helps them to improve the efficiency of their processes.


Our kaolin is well suited for the production of Printed Card Board

  • Consistency of the batch physical and chemical properties;
  • Chemical stability of the glass;
  • A streamlined glassmaking process;
  • An optimized production cost;
  • Emissions reduction.

Our worldwide technical support team is at your service and is dedicated to help you reach your Challenges.

Production sites
Production sites

Located in France, UK, United States & Brazil Imerys Ceramics’ kaolin installations supply the global fiberglass industry. We are able to provide our customers anywhere in the world. 

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