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Corporate Social Responsibility is essential to the Group’s long term strategy to support growth while meeting the expectations of our stakeholders and promoting social responsibility, environmental stewardship, corporate governance and business ethics.

Imerys Ceramics has adopted a sustainable development approach to its extracting and processing activities, fulfilling many ethical, environmental and social demands, over the last few years:

  • Social aspect: safety and health, communities, human rights
  • Environmental aspect: reduce environmental impacts; maximize the use of raw materials and other natural resources; rehabilitation of sites; reduce environmental footprint
  • Ethical aspect: promote and regulate ethical business behavior; deploy appropriate policies and protocols; monitor their efficient and compliant implementation


Imerys Ceramics France professional gender equality index 

Imerys Ceramics cares for its surrounding communities.

Through the years, our teams worldwide have been able to create and develop several inspiring Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Discover the Cerabees programme that aims at implementing beehives on our production sites. 

"Save a life, save a family!" Discover the initiative of Imerys Ceramics India that aims at preventing fatal snake bites for our surrounding communities.