Imerys Ceramics announces price increases for prepared bodies, glazes, raw materials* and kiln furniture for ceramic applications (i.e. sanitaryware, tableware, tiles) and adjacent markets (i.e. fiberglass, hand formers, electrical porcelain).

Effective January 1st 2019, prices will increase between 6.5% to 10% per ton. Actual increases will depend on product grade and packaging type and are subject to provisions in individual contracts. Customers will be notified details of specific increase in due course.

Customers purchasing products on a delivered basis will see additional adjustments due to step changes in global and regional freight markets. Imerys Ceramics continues to work with its partners to offer competitive rates and monitor and control the impact of rising energy prices.

The regulatory environment for mining has a direct impact on our costs. Prices out of our Thai kaolin operations (Ranong) will increase more significantly than the above mentioned percentages. Increase will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Rising costs in mining, manufacturing, maintenance, packaging, quality systems, and environmental compliance and sustainability necessitate the adjustment to pricing. Furthermore, the industry is currently evolving in an environment of escalating energy costs and increasing inflationary pressures - notably, but not limited to, the consequences of the exit of Great Britain from the European Union (i.e. "BREXIT").

Imerys Ceramics remains committed to continual improvement and will continue to make every effort to minimize the cost impact to our customers.

Any questions from customers should be directed to their regular sales contact. For any other enquiries or further information on Imerys Ceramics and the product portfolio, please visit  


*Kaolins, ball clays, feldspars, quartz, halloysite and other products from local blending platforms.


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