Our challenge: ensure your satisfaction

At Imerys Ceramics, we take pride in ensuring customer’s satisfaction. More than 200 years of expertise serving our customers gives us experience to provide greater customer journey all along the Supply Chain.

We identify and implement continuous service improvement so that our customers can enjoy a memorable experience.

Our dedicated regional and local Customer Service teams work to provide a comprehensive complete & customized service. Our flexibility allows us to serve local and global customers. Customer Service teams are using the most modern transportation management systems to optimize deliveries while providing up just in time information.

We are committed to work with our customers to better understand their specific needs and expectations, thereby creating overall business efficiency in the total value chain.
Customer Service specialists are a key component of our integrated Supply Chain team.

In search for continuous improvements, we have taken steps to further customer-centralize our organization, to develop and deploy new tools.

We deeply value our customers’ relationships and we are committed to providing them with the highest level of service simply because our customers deserve the very best!

Logistics Quality
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All over the world, Imerys Ceramics logistics teams are at our customer's service to ship goods in the best conditions.
Playing with specificities in every countries and the means of transport available, we set up the best distribution flow whether by single mode or with more complexity.
Road transport: the most used way. It allows proximity delivering notably for tonnage that are sometimes limited. We benefit from the flexibility and availability of this transportation mode.  According to the packaging of our products, we will use tipper trucks, silo trucks or tautliners. We are regularly challenging our transporter panel to link simultaneously service quality, safety and pricing.
We also offer our expertise to transport mass products such as Bulk vessel or rail transportation. When the access to our site allows it, we offer reliable solutions, with a low environmental footprint. Long run contracts link us with the best suppliers of the market.
With containers, we can reach markets and extraction areas that are sometimes far away, in the best conditions and at the best cost.
To be closer to you and reactive, Imerys Ceramics sets up logistics platforms around the world.

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This ambition leans on the acquisition of a culture based on high-quality criteria and ongoing improvement in all areas.

We place quality at the core of our system, to ensure that our products and services continuously meet the requirements of our customers.

Our quality Policy clearly states this strive to a customer-focused approach, highlighting axes of collective pro-activity:

  • Involving all teams, functions and levels of the organisation in our quality approach;
  • Proposing innovative solutions to our customers;
  • Treating customer complaints as priorities;
  • Developing our problem solving abilities.

Our quality Roadmap aims at raising awareness and giving tools to reach a full commitment to quality of every single employee.

This collective effort to place quality and our customers in each of our actions makes part of our ambition to be one of the market's most reliable and innovative supplier.