Chamotte is a calcined clay. The calcination process takes place in a rotary kiln at high temperatures of 1400 - 1600ºC. Sanitaryware pieces are fired at lower temperatures of around 1200ºC, therefore the chamotte is inert at the firing stage and acts like a skeleton to produce ware with better proprieties.

It is the introduction of chamotte that characterizes the production of fine fireclay, which enables the production of bigger and more complex sanitaryware pieces.

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Key properties

Imerys Ceramics chamottes are well known for their high quality and consistency; offering reduced cracking, shrinkage and deformation of large complex sanitaryware pieces. These raw materials also make it possible to manufacture the most innovative design-driven pieces.
The following properties highlight special features of chamotte:

  • Controlled particle size distribution;
  • Minimal cristobalite to avoid dusting, cracking and health & safety issues;
  • Low magnetic content.

In consultation with customers, our products can be tailor-made to match requirements. We can also provide chamotte in pellets or in milled form.

Our worldwide technical support team is at your service and is dedicated to help you reach your Challenges.

Production sites

Imerys Ceramics chamottes are produced in France and in Ukraine by our partner Division: Imerys Refractory Minerals

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