On Monday 20th June, Imerys Ceramics, under its partnership with the Union Nationale de l’Apiculture Francaise (UNAF – French National Beekeepers Association) had the pleasure to implement beehives on its Juriol site (Imerys Tableware France). Two beekeepers from UNAF helped employees in the installation of 3 beehives where more than 50 000 bees are now living! 
This implementation falls within an overarching Imerys Ceramics program – CeraBees – which aims to increase the number of beehives across our sites, in addition to those which are already established in Europe or New Zealand.
The CeraBees program goes in line with the division’s committed approach to sustainable development.
Bees: essential for biodiversity
• Bees have existed on our planet for more than 80 million years. 
• More than 80% of our plant environment is pollinated by bees; around 20,000 threatened plant species have been saved thanks to bees’ pollination.
• 35% of our food resources depend on pollination, mainly from bees.
• Since 1995, more than 300,000 bee colonies have disappeared every year in France.