Ball clay is a mineral formed from the weathering and transportation by water of parent rocks which are deposited in ancient river basins from where it is extracted. 

Imerys Ceramics has at its disposal ball clays with a range of different properties. By blending selected clays from different locations Imerys Ceramics can provide high quality products for a range of ceramic applications. 

Key properties Production sites
Key properties

Ball clay properties include:

  • High plasticity;
  • High unfired strength;
  • Highly controlled rheological properties;
  • Controlled organic content;
  • Controlled residue;
  • Excellent workability.

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Production sites

The Imerys Ceramics ball clay references come from England, France, Thailand and the United States. 
We also make use of blending platforms in India, Indonesia and Brazil to ensure that we produce ball clays that address the specific technical challenges of each region.

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