At Imerys Ceramics, we have developed a deep understanding of our customer's requirements and their markets through more than 200 years of activity in the ceramic field.

This accumulated knowledge is properly shared within Imerys Ceramics worldwide, which make our Technical support teams able to help you reach your technical challenges. Our laboratories are also strategically positioned to provide you with local support in the best conditions.

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Our Expertise
Body preparation

Whatever the body preparation process, there is a mineral solution that fits with your specific process. Our raw materials have been designed to bring:

  • Constant characteristics
  • Stable suspension properties
  • Easy to use solutions

For example, the new ball clay Modicast S4 from Thailand has been developed for the Sanitaryware production and aims at an easy use. Its specific mineral composition provides rheological stability and consistent ceramic properties to the formula.

Imerys Ceramics is a premix and a full body producer for Tableware, Sanitaryware, Electrical Porcelain and Technical Ceramics. We understand your challenges and are able to select the most efficient solution for your operations.



Each shaping technology requires specific properties from the mineral formula. It always consists in agglomerating particles to produce a piece, a coating… Understanding and controlling the particle packing behaviour remain the driver to optimize this process step.

The efficiency of the shaping depends on the speed of packing particles and the specific properties required by the process:

  • For plaster casting in Sanitaryware, the balance between casting rate and cake characteristic is the driver. Fast casting kaolin like Prosper helps to balance these properties.
  • Pressing large tiles requires minerals able to agglomerate the particle under pressure. The FlashTop ball clay has been designed to bring the high modulus of rupture required by the process while controlling the post expansion after pressing.

For Electrical Porcelain, the extrusion and green machinizing process requires “plastic” properties. Hymod Blue or Sigma ball clays are used to enhance the workability and allow to shape large electrical insulators by their mineralogy and processing.

Drying & Firing

The challenge is to remove water and obtain a strong enough piece to be handled or conveyed by the process. During the drying, mechanical stresses are generated and can create deformation and cracks. The mineralogy, the size and the shape of the particles are determinant to obtain a consolidated piece after drying.

To produce thin tableware pieces, kaolin like Standard Porcelain has been processed to give the required strength after drying. The ceramic pieces are then strong enough to support all process operations and consequently reduce losses during finishing, glazing…

During the firing step, the mineral particles will react between themselves and create strong bonds. The result will be a denser and stronger piece. Deformations can occur at high temperature. The understanding and control of the pyro plastic deformations are keys to produce larger pieces and new designs. For example, the combination of mineral present in the RF4 feldspar allows to reduce the contraction and the deformations during the firing. By adding RF4 in a tile body, the pyro plasticity is reduced and the production efficiency raised.


The product quality is reflected in the final aspect and the aesthetic effect of the ceramic pieces. Imerys Ceramics developed new production processes to manufacture clean and consistent products. 

For the high glossiness tiles and perfect glaze surface, Imerys Ceramics offers a range a high quality kaolin for glaze: the Kaolinor 1C is the perfect addition to tiles glaze formula to obtain an unbeatable surface finish.

Imerys Ceramics has also developed solution to reduce the Zirconium silicate content in sanitaryware formula by using CR kaolin. This high purity kaolin has low chromophore oxide content and will develop high whiteness. Same opacity and whiteness glazes are obtained reducing the Zirconium silicate content in the glaze.


Our mission: helping your teams to achieve their objectives !

The raw materials are the essence of the final products but knowing how to use them is fundamental! Indeed, quality raw materials require a real know how. For that reason, we are available for special training sessions that will meet your needs.

We organize dedicated events for groups up to 20 people, either in a classroom display, or directly at your plant. We are able to create custom programs, a unique way of training your people! There is only one condition : you must be a customer of Imerys Ceramics.

You wish to set up a training, click on the "contact us" area.


Our mission: offer the best product characterization

At Imerys Ceramics, we think that understanding raw materials characteristics is a prerequisite for the final ceramic product quality. That is why we make available our laboratories, equipped at the cutting edge of technology. 

Our R&D people can characterize in details your products’ samples and consequently help you get the most out of your product. This service is available on our platforms, notably in developing countries. 

If you wish to know more about this service, click on the "contact us" area.