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Reinforcemet fiberglass

Imerys Ceramics produces air-floated and water-washed kaolins specifically developed for the reinforcement fiberglass market. Our products have high levels of alumina and low levels of iron and alkali. Such properties help ensure the finished fiberglass product's resistance to chemical and physical attacks. We provide our customers with consistent high-performing raw materials which helps them to improve the efficiency of their processes.

We are the leading kaolin supplier for fiberglass in North America and Asia with a significant presence in Europe. We work kaolin deposits in all three regions and have production facilities for extraction, refining and milling of raw materials across numerous sites. As fiberglass production continues to grow and to move into more countries, Imerys Ceramics is a strategically placed supplier with the resources to meet the needs of the fiberglass market globally.

Imerys Ceramics' fiberglass customers benefit from a reliable supply of high quality raw materials and the support of our experienced team of logistics specialists. We also offer tailor made solutions to meet specific requirements.

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