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Flat glass & container

The properties of Imerys' feldspars make it possible to melt quartz at a lower temperature and to control the viscosity of glass during manufacturing. The feldspar's alumina content gives the finished products firmness, flexibility, cohesion and chemical resistance.

From its quarries in France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, India, and North America, Imerys Ceramics supply glass makers with feldspars, lithic feldspars and feldspathic sands.



Insulation wool

As a mineral product consisting of feldspar and recycled glass coming from flat glass, car glass and containers, glasswool is used widely as an insulating material. This natural product is stable and imputrescible.

The French and Swiss glass wool markets are served from Imerys owned feldspar quarries in the Center and South of France. We also supply Felithe from the French site Kaolins de Beauvoir, located near Clermont-Ferrand.

Glass wool is an excellent thermal insulant. It offers the best mix of advantages for insulation: reducing heat losses in winter and protecting against heat in summer. As such, it participates to energy saving consumption. Thanks to its elasticity and structure, glasswool is also widely used in constuctions in order to manage noise control.

Glass wool is a safe material. Incombustible by nature, it does not propagate flames and toxic smokes.

In addition to reducing households energuy consumption, glasswool saves far more energy during its life time than for its own production for which it can also be reclycled.


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