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Imerys Ceramics, world leading supplier of industrial solutions
From our mines and installations we have developed a comprehensive offering for the ceramic industries. Imerys Ceramics is the European leading supplier of mineral solutions for the tableware industry. Customers worldwide include the most prestigious brands.

From mineral solutions to prepared bodies and glazes Imerys Ceramics is a leading partner for porcelain, vitreous and bone china tableware manufacturers. Imerys Ceramics' tailor-made offering to tableware manufacturers include:

high quality products
laboratories dedicated to tableware formulation
state of the art technical service
on-site production support

Teams dedicated to tableware manufacturing
Thanks to a global commercial structure and integrated logistics network, Imerys Ceramics is able to provide a high quality, cost-effective and reliable service to its customers, wherever they are in the world.

Value-added products

The right product for the right process
Tableware manufacturers benefit from our unique product range of ball clays, feldspars, halloysite, kaolins, pegmatites, pressing bodies and transparent glazes. Imerys Ceramics' minerals are known for unparalleled consistency, providing outstanding mechanical strength and plasticity. Their very low levels of iron oxide and titania also promote exceptional whiteness and translucency.

With quality deposits in many countries, Imerys Ceramics is able to provide specially engineered solutions to optimise the performance of tableware slips during the challenging stages of forming, drying and firing for isostatic pressing, casting and jiggering. Our mineral solutions are widely used in high quality whitewares including porcelain, bone china, hotelware, earthenware, stoneware and technical ceramics.

Ball clays
With references refined at our sites in the UK, France, Thailand and the US, our selected ball clays have the following properties:
• excellent workability
• high unfired strength
stable rheological properties
• low organic content
• low residue

Feldspars & pegmatites
Feldspars & pegmatites are used as fluxing agents and play a vital role during firing.
Imerys Ceramics' feldspars offer high potassium content with low iron and titanium, which are essential for whiteness and translucency.
Imerys Ceramics' pegmatites are especially suitable for white tableware because of low colouring oxides.

Kaolins & halloysite
As kaolin typically comprises 25% to 50% of tableware body formulations, its high quality is essential. Imerys Ceramics offers an extensive range of kaolin and halloysite products which can provide:
high clay content to give the maximum economic advantage and great flexibility in developing formulations
low to ultra-low levels of Fe2O3 & TiO2: to produce very white and translucent tableware
a range of K2O contents: to enable fine control of vitrification and to minimise pyroplastic deformation
fast casting: to give optimal productivity
good workability and high unfired strength: to provide easier processing and lower production losses
a range of particle size distributions: to allow optimize particle packing
low residue: to limit sieving wastes

Prepared bodies
With 4 plants dedicated to body formulation, Imerys Ceramics provides prepared bodies and minerals for:
isostatic pressing
casting / high pressure casting

Typical tailor-made bodies include: crème, extra white, high strength and high plasticity bodies.

Transparent glazes
With 2 plants dedicated to glaze formulation, Imerys Ceramics also produces ready-to-use ceramic glazes in a form required for modern and traditional technologies:
spray-dried granulates

Full expertise

Speaking the same language
Whatever the specific requirement, Imerys Ceramics has the resources and the technical expertise to help customers achieve higher performance and greater productivity.

Prepared bodies and glazes expertise
As a world leader in industrial minerals, Imerys Ceramics has the technical expertise to design tailored formulation, including bodies to be fired at low temperatures, giving the potential of significant savings to the tableware manufacturer. A portfolio of compatible glazes has been developed in close collaboration with our customers.

Prepared bodies and glazes enable customers to lower their production costs as they don't have to invest in a slip house, body preparation and raw material silos.

Imerys Ceramics offers solutions with specific properties: mechanical and chemical resistance, reliable fired colour, translucency and dishwasher durability.

Tailored services

Development and Technical support
In partnership with its customers, Imerys Ceramics develops tailor-made formulations for bodies and glazes.

As part of our customer dedicated approach, we provide a full range of technical services designed to meet tableware manufacturers' demands for:

• reformulation
• ceramic evaluation
• physical measurements
• chemical analysis
• decoration test

Our central laboratory in Germany is fitted with industrial equipment, including dishwashers where manufacturers can test their products. Our R&D structures are supported by Imerys Ceramics major ceramic research centres in France, the UK and Thailand.

Driving ceramic innovation worldwide
Imerys Ceramics is a first-choice development partner for its customers' new ventures.

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