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Imerys customer’s products: A bathroom with various sanitaryware pieces

World N°1 in prepared bodies & minerals for sanitaryware
Imerys Ceramics is your reference partner for efficient sanitaryware production, offering the largest product portfolio on the market: ball clay, chamotte, kaolin, feldspar, talc and prepared bodies for all sanitaryware applications.

Imerys Ceramics' strategy is to deliver improved performance and greater productivity with the ultimate aim of helping our customers achieve ever higher yields and design possibilities. 

Sanitaryware solutions at your fingertips
Imerys Ceramics has regional hubs in Asia, Europe, North and South America. Thanks to over 20 production sites across 10 countries, we have a large and varied portfolio. Our integrated logistics network offers customers the benefits of reliable supply chain services.


Value-added products

The right product for the right process
Imerys Ceramics is able to offer improved performance and greater productivity helping customers achieve ever higher yields. Imerys Ceramics' value proposition:
• unrivalled quality
• guaranteed consistency
complete mineral range

The complete mineral range for sanitaryware manufacturing
With a strategic presence in Asia, Europe and the Americas, we have the resources to serve customers anywhere in the world. Imerys Ceramics has the largest offer on the market: ball clays, including English references, a benchmark for sanitaryware production, extra white kaolins, a range of chamotte, feldspars and talc for body and glaze solutions.

Prepared bodies expertise
Through Spica, its full prepared sanitaryware body plant in Italy, Imerys Ceramics elaborates slips for fine fireclay producers. At the forefront of innovative solutions, Imerys Ceramics has developed Super FFC, the next generation of FFC solutions.

Solutions for conventional and pressure casting
With the largest mineral offer on the market, Imerys Ceramics is able to provide specially engineered solutions to optimise the performance of casting slips in automated processes:
Ball clays as plasticity enhancers: high casting rate, whiteness, high mechanical strength, good rheological properties
Kaolins as casting rate enhancers: fluidity, high casting rate, high dry strength, low cast moisture, high wet strength, low residue alternatives
Feldspars as fluxing agent: high purity, high fusibility
Talc for improved vitrification: gloss and whiteness enhancer, glaze-body fit improver

Imerys Ceramics' technical experts can advise on the best clay system for the best pressure casting performance.

Solutions for fine fireclay
Imerys Ceramics is the only supplier to offer the full range of minerals and technical solutions specific to fine fireclay (FFC), a growing part of sanitaryware production, reflecting the trend towards bigger and more complex shapes.
Our solutions allow for:
reduced shrinkage
less cracking
less deformation
large pieces
higher production yield

Imerys Ceramics fine fireclay (FFC) prepared bodies help maintain a lower viscosity reducing the risks of breakage during de-moulding and drying processes. For decades, Imerys fluid ball clays, kaolins with high casting concentrations and chamottes have proved over the years to be the right combination for FFC production.


Full expertise

Speaking the same language
Imerys Ceramics' technical experts are aware of customers' production stakes. As former production managers or glazes specialists, our sales and technical experts have first hand experience of sanitaryware production.
This in-depth knowledge is an invaluable asset for our customers who can rely on competent technical advice.

Our sanitaryware dedicated expertise:
• 3 prepared bodies plants (Italy, UK, Mexico)
• in-depth mineral knowledge
• sanitaryware process expertise
• dedicated technical support teams
• international network of scientists

From thorough evaluation of the production slip to extensive plant trials, Imerys Ceramics' dedicated technical teams are at our customers' disposal to intervene at their production plants.

Imerys Ceramics customer partnership - Reformulation service
In order to provide the highest standards of technical service, we have created a testing method called CTN*:
• thorough evaluation of the customer's production slip and raw materials
• in-depth assessment of each raw material supplied (chemical, mineralogical and physical properties)
• reformulation tests
• factory trials at customer facilities

* CTN: Cracking Tolerance Number based on the understanding of the fundamental particle packing characteristics that influence the fluid and plastic properties of clay systems.

Tailored services

A Customer-focused approach
Imerys Ceramics is an integrated development and production problem solving partner.
The range of services adapted to each of our customers' requirements include:

• dedicated sales teams
• technical experts
• development partnership
• network of agents and distributors
• integrated logistics structure
• shipping management - samples and orders
• local storage terminals
• regional customer care teams

Driving ceramic innovation worldwide
Imerys Ceramics is a first-choice development partner for its customers' new ventures.

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