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Talc's role in ceramics process depends on its interaction with the other minerals in the formulation. It has an influence on each of these properties:
• Porosity (water absorption, close, open...)
• Colour after firing
• Thermal shock
• Moisture expansion
• Thermal expansion - CTE
• Mechanical resistance (MoR)
• Shrinkage (drying, firing, total).

Imerys Ceramics offers a complete range of talcs for several applications: tiles, sanitaryware, technical ceramics and catalyst supports.

• Optimized firing cycle
• Improved mechanical properties for large format and thin tile bodies.

Specially engineered solutions to optimize the performance of casting slips in automated processes:
• improved vitrification
• gloss and whiteness enhancer
• glaze-body fit improver.

Technical ceramics
• Excellent mechanical properties
• Shock and abrasion resistance
• Good electrical and thermal shock resistance.

Catalyst supports
A range of talc products crucial in the performance of both catalyst supports and DPF:
• very low CaO content
• wide range of microcrystalline and platy talc products.

A number of critical functions:
• provide a relic pore structure
• provide critical lubrication to the thin wall profile when the honeycomb is extruded
• contribute to critical rheology for the body during mixing, extrusion and green body drying
• stable surface area.

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