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Imerys Ceramics is not just a mineral supplier. We provide quality minerals with added value, technical assistance and tailored services worldwide.


Imerys Ceramics is able to offer its clients: 

  • the best products adapted to their specific processes
  • development partnerships to improve formulation
  • technical assistance during production cycles
  • industrial partnerships through a network of contacts

Our exclusive customer offering includes:

  • tailored prepared ceramic bodies
  • worlwide technical services
  • ceramic formulation dedicated laboratories
  • on-site production support
  • local customer services
  • network of agents and distributors
  • integrated logistics structures
  • local storage platforms



Research & development

The success of Imerys Ceramics stems from our technical expertise and innovation capacity. We use these as our main tools to transform unprocessed raw materials into value-added products and solutions, with the ultimate aim of passing on an extra competitive edge to our customers.

Our Research & Development approach is also based on mutually-beneficial customer partnerships, which combined with our unique knowledge of mineral technology, enables us to provide improved formulations and genuine product consistency for our customers in our key markets: sanitaryware, tableware, tiles, electrical porcelain and advanced ceramics. Thanks to our mineral expertise and assets, we are also able to offer a range of mineral products and a mineral processing service to certain non-ceramic markets.


Technical resources & facilities worldwide

Imerys Ceramics has Research & Development facilities in Asia, Europe and North America:

  • The Imerys Ceramic Centre in Limoges, France
  • 4 sites dedicated to the development of ceramic bodies
  • 20 laboratories with technical support teams
  • 60 specialist researchers and technicians

We also benefit from the wide resources of the Imerys group.

Technical solutions

The success of Imerys Ceramics results from an in-depth understanding of our customer's requirements and their markets. Thanks to close collaboration with customers, technical schools and universities, we are able to maintain our position at the forefront of research and development. Imerys Ceramics also has several laboratorieswhich are strategically positioned across Asia, Europe and North America to provide our customers with local support in a timely fashion.


Customer-focused approach

Imerys Ceramics provides technical solutions to meet both current and future customer requirements, especially through the reformulation of ceramic bodies. In order to provide the highest standards of technical service there is a structured testing procedure in place. This starts with a thorough evaluation of the customer's production slip and raw materials. A thorough assessment of each supplied raw material is also conducted and may include testing its chemical, mineralogical, physical and ceramic properties. The results of this complete study are used as the benchmark for recommendations. Customers are supported at every stage, starting with laboratory testing and finishing with plant trials according to their specific needs.


Guiding principles

The key guiding principles for Imerys Ceramics in the development of technical solutions are:

  • Performance improvement, using productivity, yield and quality as key measures
  • Cost reduction
  • Process development, in the form of new technologies for further performance and cost benefits


Further information

Technical articles by Imerys experts

Mineral processing

Thanks to Imerys Ceramics' thorough knowledge of minerals processing, we have the capacity to offer customised milling solutions for hard and soft minerals such as alumina, anhydrite, ball clay, bentonite, chamotte, feldspar, feldspathic sand and kaolin. We have successfully worked with customers from a wide variety of industries.

Our tailored processing service enable customers to not only carry out pilot tests of industrial mineral solutions but to also benefit from full scale processing without high capital investment associated with in-house milling. As is typical of Imerys Ceramics, extensive analysis and excellent quality control standards are integral parts of this service.


Milling & analysis equipment

Some examples of the equipment we have at our disposal include:

  • Atrittor mills (pin mills) with sifter filters
  • Pendulum mills with cyclones
  • Ball mills
  • Vertical roller mills
  • Laser particle size distribution (PSD) analysis
  • X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) chemical analysis


Further information

Please take a look at the Imerys Ceramics industrial sites in England, France and Spain, where we offer this mineral processing service.

Prepared bodies & glazes

In addition to our comprehensive range of quality raw materials, Imerys Ceramics also offers customers the possibility to purchase prepared bodies for sanitaryware as well as prepared bodies and glazes for tableware.

Prepared bodies and glazes enable customers to lower production costs as there is no need to invest in a slip house, body preparation, raw material silos, quality control etc. They may also be attractive to ceramic manufacturers who might, for example, be developing bodies with particular characteristics which cannot be met with normal production slips. Prepared bodies and glazes can therefore be tailor made to meet an individual manufacturer's particular needs.


Advantages of Imerys bodies & glazes

Imerys ceramic bodies and glazes are quality-assured using world standard procedures. Customers can benefit from our extensive knowledge of minerals and ceramic production, For instance, as the world leader in industrial minerals, Imerys has the technical expertise to design bodies to be fired at low temperatures, giving the potential of significant savings to the tableware manufacturer. While for sanitaryware manufactures we have recently launched the Super Fine Fireclay™ prepared body which combines the design capabilities of fine fireclay with the technical and handling advantages of vitreous bodies.

Imerys Ceramics has specialist body plants in the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Italy and Mexico.


Further information

Sanitaryware prepared bodies

Tableware bodies & glazes



Imerys Ceramics offers a fully integrated logistics service. We have a full team of logistics professionals dedicated to transporting our products from the pit to our plants and to our customers premises.

Our industrial sites are all well served and connected by seaport, rail and road facilities and it is our objective to ensure that all our products reach their destination, in perfect condition, on time and in a cost effective manner.


Advantages with Imerys

Imerys Ceramics works closely with shipping lines, forwarding agents and local carriers in order to provide a rapid response to customer needs. We also benefit from a global network of commercial sites, sales managers and distributors; therefore we are fully versed in regional regulations and documentation. This combined with numerous strategically located storage facilities and supply posts ensure a flexible, customer-centred approach.

Our logistics service offers customers the benefits of our large shipping volumes, influence with ship owners, efficient planning, dependable quality control and reduced administrative responsibilities.


Managing logistics in-house

Minerals shipping is a complex business with hidden costs and constraints. Those that choose to manage their own logistics should bear the following in mind:

  • Securing vessels through volume-based long-term deals with major ship owners is key to ensuring good prices and service.
  • Timely notification of orders and shipping requirements is fundamental.
  • Vessel freight rate only covers the cost of vessel from departure to vessel arrival in port of destination. Numerous additional costs may occur that have to be taken into account.
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