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Imerys Ceramics logistics - transport by sea

Imerys Ceramics offers a fully integrated logistics service. We have a full team of logistics professionals dedicated to transporting our products from the pit to our plants and to our customers premises.

Our industrial sites are all well served and connected by seaport, rail and road facilities and it is our objective to ensure that all our products reach their destination, in perfect condition, on time and in a cost effective manner.


Advantages with Imerys

Imerys Ceramics works closely with shipping lines, forwarding agents and local carriers in order to provide a rapid response to customer needs. We also benefit from a global network of commercial sites, sales managers and distributors; therefore we are fully versed in regional regulations and documentation. This combined with numerous strategically located storage facilities and supply posts ensure a flexible, customer-centred approach.

Our logistics service offers customers the benefits of our large shipping volumes, influence with ship owners, efficient planning, dependable quality control and reduced administrative responsibilities.


Managing logistics in-house

Minerals shipping is a complex business with hidden costs and constraints. Those that choose to manage their own logistics should bear the following in mind:

  • Securing vessels through volume-based long-term deals with major ship owners is key to ensuring good prices and service.
  • Timely notification of orders and shipping requirements is fundamental.
  • Vessel freight rate only covers the cost of vessel from departure to vessel arrival in port of destination. Numerous additional costs may occur that have to be taken into account.
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