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Prepared bodies & glazes

In addition to our comprehensive range of quality raw materials, Imerys Ceramics also offers customers the possibility to purchase prepared bodies for sanitaryware as well as prepared bodies and glazes for tableware.

Prepared bodies and glazes enable customers to lower production costs as there is no need to invest in a slip house, body preparation, raw material silos, quality control etc. They may also be attractive to ceramic manufacturers who might, for example, be developing bodies with particular characteristics which cannot be met with normal production slips. Prepared bodies and glazes can therefore be tailor made to meet an individual manufacturer's particular needs.


Advantages of Imerys bodies & glazes

Imerys ceramic bodies and glazes are quality-assured using world standard procedures. Customers can benefit from our extensive knowledge of minerals and ceramic production, For instance, as the world leader in industrial minerals, Imerys has the technical expertise to design bodies to be fired at low temperatures, giving the potential of significant savings to the tableware manufacturer. While for sanitaryware manufactures we have recently launched the Super Fine Fireclay™ prepared body which combines the design capabilities of fine fireclay with the technical and handling advantages of vitreous bodies.

Imerys Ceramics has specialist body plants in the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Italy and Mexico.


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