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Mineral processing

Thanks to Imerys Ceramics' thorough knowledge of minerals processing, we have the capacity to offer customised milling solutions for hard and soft minerals such as alumina, anhydrite, ball clay, bentonite, chamotte, feldspar, feldspathic sand and kaolin. We have successfully worked with customers from a wide variety of industries.

Our tailored processing service enable customers to not only carry out pilot tests of industrial mineral solutions but to also benefit from full scale processing without high capital investment associated with in-house milling. As is typical of Imerys Ceramics, extensive analysis and excellent quality control standards are integral parts of this service.


Milling & analysis equipment

Some examples of the equipment we have at our disposal include:

  • Atrittor mills (pin mills) with sifter filters
  • Pendulum mills with cyclones
  • Ball mills
  • Vertical roller mills
  • Laser particle size distribution (PSD) analysis
  • X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) chemical analysis


Further information

Please take a look at the Imerys Ceramics industrial sites in England, France and Spain, where we offer this mineral processing service.

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