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Technical solutions

The success of Imerys Ceramics results from an in-depth understanding of our customer's requirements and their markets. Thanks to close collaboration with customers, technical schools and universities, we are able to maintain our position at the forefront of research and development. Imerys Ceramics also has several laboratorieswhich are strategically positioned across Asia, Europe and North America to provide our customers with local support in a timely fashion.


Customer-focused approach

Imerys Ceramics provides technical solutions to meet both current and future customer requirements, especially through the reformulation of ceramic bodies. In order to provide the highest standards of technical service there is a structured testing procedure in place. This starts with a thorough evaluation of the customer's production slip and raw materials. A thorough assessment of each supplied raw material is also conducted and may include testing its chemical, mineralogical, physical and ceramic properties. The results of this complete study are used as the benchmark for recommendations. Customers are supported at every stage, starting with laboratory testing and finishing with plant trials according to their specific needs.


Guiding principles

The key guiding principles for Imerys Ceramics in the development of technical solutions are:

  • Performance improvement, using productivity, yield and quality as key measures
  • Cost reduction
  • Process development, in the form of new technologies for further performance and cost benefits


Further information

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