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Research & development

The success of Imerys Ceramics stems from our technical expertise and innovation capacity. We use these as our main tools to transform unprocessed raw materials into value-added products and solutions, with the ultimate aim of passing on an extra competitive edge to our customers.

Our Research & Development approach is also based on mutually-beneficial customer partnerships, which combined with our unique knowledge of mineral technology, enables us to provide improved formulations and genuine product consistency for our customers in our key markets: sanitaryware, tableware, tiles, electrical porcelain and advanced ceramics. Thanks to our mineral expertise and assets, we are also able to offer a range of mineral products and a mineral processing service to certain non-ceramic markets.


Technical resources & facilities worldwide

Imerys Ceramics has Research & Development facilities in Asia, Europe and North America:

  • The Imerys Ceramic Centre in Limoges, France
  • 4 sites dedicated to the development of ceramic bodies
  • 20 laboratories with technical support teams
  • 60 specialist researchers and technicians

We also benefit from the wide resources of the Imerys group.

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