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Sustainable Development is an essential component of the Imerys group's long term strategy to support growth while promoting environement stewardship and social responsibility to both internal and external stakeholders.

The Imerys group's commitments cover three aspects: social, environmental and governance.

At Imerys Ceramics, we believe that a company can only be successful in terms of productivity, quality and costs, if the health and safety, human resources, communities and human rights issues are part of the day-to-day managment approach.

The social commitment covers:
- safety and health
- human resources
- communities
- human right

The environmental commitments encompass:
- management systems
- resources efficiency
- biodiversity
- green innovation

The Corporate Governance, the Ethics and Business Conduct codes ensure the best practices and the right behavior are deployed within the group.

Download Imerys Sustainable Development report.



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