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Kaolin & Ball Clay to Increase SW body Performance
Ceramic Forum International - New kaolins and Ball Clays to Increase Sanitaryware Body Performances
Influence of kaolin in digital ceramic decoration
Ceramic World Review - March 2017
Glaze Formula: Cost-Effective Flux System
Ceramic Forum International - January 2017
Plastic ball clays for engobes and smaltobbio
Asian Ceramics - September 2016
Fire more for less
Ceramic Forum International - June / July 2016
Workability, a key parameter for E.P.
Ceramic World Review - April / May 2016
Imerys: innovation remains the driver
Asian Ceramics - April 2016
Focus on raw materials: Imerys Ceramics
Ceramic World Review - November / December 2015
Imerys Ceramics technical conference
Imerys Ceramics organised its technical conference during Ceramitec 2015
Imerys: evolution not revolution
Asian Ceramics - September 2015
Influence of kaolin in inkjet printing on glaze
Ceramic World Review - June / July 2015
Limousin : La soucoupe Ester a décollé
L'Usine Nouvelle - 9 July 2015
Solutions for Kiln Furniture
Ceramic Forum International - July / August 2015
Com nova planta, Imerys Ceramics investe ainda
Jornal Acidade Santa Gertrudes - June 2015
Influência dos Caulins na Impressão Digital
Cerâmica Industrial – June 2015
A Imerys Ceramics na Ceramitec 2015
Cerâmica Informação - May/June 2015
Imerys Ceramics boosts its presence in Egypt
ICS Magazine - January / February 2015 - Issue 18
Imerys Ceramics announces price increase
Imerys Ceramics announces price increase for ball clay and kaolin products in North America
En 2007, le centre R&D Imerys a choisi Limoges
En 2007, le centre de recherche d’Imerys a choisi de s’implanter à Limoges
Imerys Ceramics dévoile un revêtement céramique
Construction Cayola - 16 September 2014
Imerys Ceramics dresses concrete
Bétons Magazine - June 2014
CERinject, a new technology to produce
Les Brève d'Ester - May 2014 - Issue 113
Imerys Ceramics Thailand: 20 years of activity
Imerys Ceramics Thailand celebrates 20th anniversary.
Zircon silicate reduction solution
Imerys Ceramics zircon silicate reduction solution at Tecnargilla 2012
Clay combination for pressure casting
Imerys Ceramics Senior Projects Technician Brian Waters, based in Cornwall, UK, analyses clay combination for the pressure casting of sanitaryware.
European Minerals Days
Back on the 2011 European Minerals Days in the rehabilitated quarry of Imerys Ceramics France - site de Beaujard
Imerys Ceramics' Gujarat platform
Interview of Imerys Ceramics' General Manager Frédéric Beucher in Asian Ceramics.
Deflocculants in vitreous casting formulations
Comparative study of the behaviour of four different deflocculants in vitreous sanitaryware casting formulations
Fine Fireclay in North America
Fine Fireclay: Great Expectations - A discussion of the technical and market forces driving the growth of fine fireclay in sanitaryware production
Sanitaryware Reformulation (in French)
Sanitaryware: An examination of the reasons why a ceramic engineer might carry out a reformulation (in French)
Sanitaryware Reformulation
Sanitaryware: An examination of the reasons why a ceramic engineer might carry out a reformulation
Ball Clays & Bohlin Rheometry
Sanitaryware: Characterisation of ball clays by Bohlin Rheometry - A study by Imerys and the University of Applied Science Höhr-Grenz - hausen
Fine Fireclay
Sanitaryware: An overview of raw materials and body formulations for the production of fine fireclay
High Performance Sanitaryware Bodies
Sanitaryware: Development of high performance sanitaryware bodies to improve manufacturing productivity and yield
Dry Mining of China Clays
Imerys reduces the impact of energy prices by converting china clay operations in Cornwall in England from traditional high-pressure wet mining to dry mining
Firmness & Packing in Pressure Casting
Sanitaryware: Role of clays in pressure casting vitreous sanitaryware formulations and the benefits of choosing the best clay system
Clay Systems for Improved Performance
Sanitaryware: The concept of a Cracking Tolerance Number is introduced as a means to characterise the tendency of a body to crack
Importance of Clay Properties
Sanitaryware: An investigation of the role that clay properties play in the rheology and casting behaviour of vitreous sanitaryware formulations
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